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Our Services

Security Outsourcing

Cybersecurity Outsourcing

Need professional temporary cybersecurity staff for your short-term or long-term projects? SecureLAN Consulting Services offers cybersecurity expertise for all size businesses. From individual staff to a full team, our security outsourcing service will provide you with the assurance that your cybersecurity is in the hands of experts who study the field rigorously-not just in theoretical terms, but in active competition with the hackers, crackers, and rogue programmers who create the real-world security problem.


Our experts are well trained to design, deploy, and monitor your Information Technology assets in a secure manner. Why attempt to build an information security team yourself? With our security outsourcing service, you could focus on building your business, while we focus on protecting your business.

Managed Firewall Service

We monitor firewalls 24 hours a day, seven days a week from our SOC (security operating center) in Atlanta, GA. We are notified immediately of any security or connectivity issues, and take appropriate action.


The most visible component of this Managed Firewall Service is the reporting. Every month, the customer receives a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that documents all network activity. This service is beneficial for customers that do not have in-house firewall administrators. In addition, it is very cost effective.

Managed Firewall Service

Firewall Upgrades

Malware, ransomware, vulnerabilities & exploits are discovered on a daily basis. To decrease the chance of well known exploits being performed against your network environment, SecureLAN recommends a routine patch and upgrade policy for all firewalls.  We, not only, recommend best practices and procedures, we actually perform the upgrades and patching for you.   SecureLAN performs two types of upgrades:


  • Firmware/Software Upgrades
  • Hardware/Appliance Upgrades


All upgrades are performed off-hours, to avoid and reduce any interruption to business.

CLOUD Firewall Expertise

We understand the transition of data, applications and infrastructures from On-Prem environments to the Cloud. We can assist with ensuring your virtual devices are secure as possible in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. SecureLAN can provide our cloud expertise on the design level, as well as, the implementation and deployment levels.

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Firewall Installation & Configuration

Firewall Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Test Service is performed to evaluate and improve the overall security of your company’s network so you may know how susceptible you are to cyber-attacks. We utilize combination of manual techniques, custom scripts, & vulnerability scans to penetrate your infrastructure as a hacker or attacker would. We supply a detailed report of our findings and discoveries.